Welcome to Main Medical! 

You can view and print our HIPAA policy by clicking the link below:

HIPAA Policy

Below is general information concerning Main Medical Inc.

 We look forward to working with you to meet your health needs.

We are fortunate to have a highly trained, professional staff of receptionists, billing administrators, and nurses.  The practice offers personal service and communication at a level rarely found in larger practices. We hope you will enjoy the continuity of care this provides.


Patients in our practice range in age from newborn to over 100 years of age. We enjoy the challenge of caring for people in our community across the entire lifespan.

Preventive services including school physicals, sports physicals, employment physicals, routine gynecologic care and complete preventive care physicals give us a chance to update your medical status, perform any screening tests which are appropriate and discuss any new concerns you may have. These appointments are usually scheduled for longer time slots to allow time for more detailed discussion of preventive health issues.

Acute care appointments (sore throat,'bladder infection, ear infection) are usually scheduled for shorter time slots so that we have more flexibility to see you the same day when you are ill. This does however usually make it more difficult for us to address complex medical problems other than the one illness for which you were scheduled.

For chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, ADD and other conditions requiring long term medication use, we ask that you schedule appointments every 3 to 6 months. We may request more frequent visits if your condition has become unstable or is not controlled. We do this in the best interest of your health—the long term health effects of uncontrolled chronic conditions can be life-threatening and so we ask that you join us in aggressively managing your health.


 We work very hard to stay on schedule. Unfortunately, sometimes due to emergencies in the hospital or in the office, we are behind schedule. We ask for your consideration under these circumstances as we try to provide optimum care to all. Please know that if the emergency is ever yours, we will provide the same care to you.

If you need to miss an appointment, kindly reschedule at least 24 hours in advance so that someone else may use your appointment time. Multiple missed appointments or late cancellations may result in your dismissal from the practice.



We accept most insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, and cash. You must bring your card with you to every appointment. Co pays and deductibles are due at time of appointment (Please understand that your insurance company requires us to collect these and considers it insurance fraud if we do not)

If financial problems are preventing you from paying medical bills from our office, please discuss other payment arrangements with our billing coordinator.

Medical records, fees, etc.

Any time you are referred to another physician, we send them all relevant testing and progress notes from your chart without charge to you. If you transfer care out of our practice, we do charge our personnel time and copying costs to send your records to your new physician.

Work excuses for illness are provided without charge at time of appointment. FMLA forms generally are fairly labor intensive and we do charge $20 to complete the forms. Other form completion will be charged at the doctor's discretion.

All form completion will require at least 48 hours advance request. Our administrative workload (insurance referrals, prior authorizations) is quite heavy at times and forms can generally not be completed on the same day they are left with us. We do expect that patient information will be completed by the patient, (social security numbers, date of birth, etc.)


We hope by now everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. We will try in any way possible to help you quit. If you are tired of hearing the quit smoking lecture from your doctor, consider quitting.

Questions, concerns, problems

Please do talk to us about any concerns you have. We try to meet any reasonable need you may have. As always, you will only receive courteous communication from us and we expect the same from you.

After Hours Care

The physician on-call for our group can be reached by calling 937-382-0918. Please reserve after hours phone calls for  urgent advice only. In an emergency you should proceed to the nearest emergency room utilizing EMS (911) if warranted. Medication refills and prescriptions are to be handled during routine office hours Monday through Friday.